Every Adventure starts with running away from home

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new BLOG

This blog has been retired!!! :) making a new blog for alex and I go there, the link for it will be on my facebook!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Neon Dance:

On Friday there was a neon dance! It was a blast getting ready for it and going for about 30 mins then disaster hits! :) But Courtney and I went to walmart got white shirts because we didn't want to ruin any of our shirts and got all ready and cute! It was a blast getting ready This is Courtney and I after we were done getting ready and about to go get the boys!

After we were all ready we went back to my apartment to get the camera so we could charge it and take pictures of us. When we went in the apartment my two roommates were just sitting there we asked if they were going to go to the dance and they were like yes and then we asked them if they wanted to join our outfits we gave them a white t-shirt and left them to get ready. and we headed to the boys apartment. We finally had everyone together and the boys decided to still the flags back (we are playing a endless game of capture the flag) and this is them parading around with the flags

They are So funny and there is always a laugh going around when they are with us!! After they finish doing what they were doing with the flags We decided to take more pictures of all 4 of us!!

From there went hitted up the dance!! We were all super excited and the dance was so close to our apartments that it was really good!! By the time we got there and it was already going and they were already out of Glow Sticks :( Dang it so we got some paint and put it all over our shirts. We got some good dancing in for about 30 mins and decided we really wanted glow sticks to splatter all over us. We went to walmart Came back and got started cutting them open and splattering them all over us then distaster Hits! Courtney splattered them all over us and now it was her turn to get it and the first one The Whole glow stick went on her face and majority of it Hits her Eye. She was scared to open and but then did. Her eye started to sting right away Her and ran right back to the apartment were she sat there and rinsed it out for a good 10-15 mins and it wasn't getting any better and she was in tears because it hurt so bad i stole her phone and called her mom and asked her mom what she wanted us to do about it. A couple of phone calls later and her grandpa was at the apartment to pick her up and see what he and his wife could do! Courtney really wanted me to go with her so i did! After another 10-15 mins of rinsing and a couple of phone calls she was doing a lot better. Her grandpa brought us back to the house and Courtney went straight to the shower to get all clean and Rinse her eye out some more. From that point Courtney didn't want to do anything really but sit at the boys apartment and watch a movie so we did that until about 3:00 in the morning! :) It was a good night but not exactly what we pictured it to be! At least we got to spend 30 mins at the dance!! A night i will always remember! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snow College Begins

I am official all settled in and school has started so i thought i would let you all know how it is. I LOVE IT!! Its so much fun down here and always something crazy to do!!!


My Pictures on one of my walls!! I love having them there!!

My Night Stand and Round Chair. Spend Lots of time doing homework there!
My BED!!! COMFY!!!
My Closet and a Half!! I have Plenty of room!! Closet 1 MY BED!!! I made the Bed Spread and all 3 Pillows!!

My Motivational Saying! Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow!!

I love my room!!! I made my bedspread and i took me about 2 months to make and a lot of time!! Lets just say i don't not want to sow for a good 4 years! :)

My roommates name is Audree Austin and we just have a lot of fun together! One day we decided to go take my grandma's 4wheeler out and we took pictures and had a blast!!

I love it here and am very happy I choose to come up here!! We have many adventures and i wish i would remember to bring my camera to them all because they are just great!!! and I will try my hardest to update more often now that i am way down here!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Funny Video!!!

This video makes me Laugh So much!! Its so true!! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Recent Project!

A couple of weeks ago my Grandma called my mom and asked if I would be willing to make her two blankets for her nabor that is having twins! Because I love making blankets and I love my grandma I told her I would! Before you all wonder how i did the flowers they were already on the fabric i baught! All the squares were surged together and i spent 1 week unpicking them!! I never want to unpick anything ever agian!! But I think they turned out really cute! I am excited to give them to my grandma!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

St. George

My dad, Miah, and I got away for a weekend to st. george! It was amazingly nice! We were there from Friday until Tuesday! Miah and I had so much fun talking and playing!! Miah did really good in her soccer games. She Lost two and Won two!! Should have been lost one and won three but considering the fact that is was the first time playing on grass sense like novemeber!! I love it very much! but glad to be home agian and working!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Fun!!

Saturday fun!! Every Saturday is pretty much a party day at the Shore's house!! Today was Box Sliding!! I have had Fry Boxes from work in myy trunk of my car sense august and my mother was like bring them in i will use them!! So miah and i brought them in and sent them sliding down the stairs! Gave Miah and I an awesome idea!! Two mins later miah, chanse, and i were sliding down having the time of our lives!! We got everyone in on it!! Even my mom tried!! But my dad was way to big of a chicken!! I woke up to find bruises all over my body but it was completely worth it!!